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How to export Responses from Google Form to PDF

Many organizations nowadays are using Google Forms to create important request forms like leave request, purchase request, employee onboarding, and more… These forms can be filled entirely online and the form owner can easily track all responses via Google spreadsheet. … Read More

5 Methods to Improve Approval Workflow & Boost Productivity

Approval workflow is an extremely important aspect in any organization, no matter how big or small it is. Certain departments even consider approval process as an important element to rate their success, such as marketing. But being an important aspect, … Read More

[GDPR] PerformFlow’s Data Storage, Processing & International Data Transfer

This article explains in detail where PerformFlow’s data is stored and how our processing complies with GDPR. It also explains our compliance with GDPR’s International Data Transfer clause. Content: Legitimacy of our data processing operations Do we do international transfer … Read More

Can users’/company data be at risk when a G Suite admin domain-wide installed PerformFlow?

Understand how safe is your users’ and company data during the installation of PerformFlow for your domain. Content: Difference between installation by Individual vs. G Suite Admin Does your permission for PerformFlow allow it to have access to all your … Read More

How to remove your data from PerformFlow?

This article explains how you can have your data deleted from PerformFlow’s database. As a PerformFlow user, you may request us to remove your data either under your GDPR Right to be forgotten (also called as Right to Erasure) or … Read More

How PerformFlow sends approval notifications?

In this article, you will learn how PerformFlow sends the approval notification emails to the appropriate recipients configured during the setup, in a workflow process. Content: How are your approval notification emails sent? When are the approval notifications sent? From … Read More

What data stored by PerformFlow & how is it used?

Read this article to know what data of yours is stored by PerformFlow, how is it stored and used. Content: What data is stored? Storing workflow data About your banking data Do we share or transfer your data to third-parties? … Read More

How PerformFlow sends email notifications?

In this article, you will learn how PerformFlow sends the notification email with form respondent’s answers to specified recipients. Content: When are the notification emails sent? From whom and to whom are these emails sent? How are your notification emails sent? … Read More

Why Edit access is needed to be shared with your Google Form and your templates?

When you contact our PerformFlow Support Team with a question or to report an issue, we may ask you to share your Google Form and template(s) with Edit access. This article explains why we need these to troubleshoot your issue. … Read More

Customer Interview: One-Click Approval for Construction Company!

HR management in a construction company can be huge issue, especially when you have many, many employees, workers, & equipments. Not only that, processing approval workflow with hard physical copy can also be a challenge, especially when you do not … Read More