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Customer Interview: Save time from approval requests with One-click Approval

Managing approval process can be a nightmare for many companies, especially when you have to collect & handle so many requests everyday. But by automating approval workflows, you can save lots of time sending payment requests & making approval decision.

The situation is especially for true for huge startup like Oyo Rooms, also known as Oyo Homes & Hotels. They are the world’s third-largest franchised hotels, homes and living spaces. The startup was founded by Ritesh Agarwal in 2013. They gained investment from Masayoshi Son, CEO of SoftBank & Vision Fund and after 6 years, the startup has expanded to many countries like India, United States, UK, and Japan. On July 2019, the company is valued at $10 billion dollars, with a Y-O-Y growth of 4.3X as at December 2018.

And now, we are happy to share a successful story of Mr. Binh from Finance Department of Oyo Rooms Vietnam.

Oyo Rooms

“I have used Performflow for 2 months. It’s really, really helpful for my workload and save my time approving and sending requests.”

Binh, from Finance Department

testimonial oyorooms 1

Could you tell us the problem you faced before using PerformFlow?

Binh: We are a start-up of multinational firm and also one of many Hubs in Vietnam.

Payment process is one of my pain points in payment management.

We used to send email to submit payment request and get approve from Head/manager. On the financial side, documents are dispersed among many Hubs; therefore, it’s hard to collect invoices and support auditing at the end of the year.

Not only that, when processing by email I don’t know where the payment status is saved. Days after days, with the huge amount of incoming payment, we could not manage all of them and missed many payments to the vendor.

How PerformFlow helps you solve those problems?

Binh: Until now, I have used Performflow for 2 months. It’s really, really helpful for my workload and save my time approving and sending requests. 

I create a new form with this add-on on Chrome. After users submit the payment request, it automatic sends back an email to those users including their information and confirming for them that their payment request was sent successfully. It also sends me an email informing of the new request. The one-click approval buttons are useful, when I press “Approve“, the system sends back an email to the users notifying that the payment’s status is approved.

What do you think of PerformFlow in overall?

Binh: For start-up, I recommend this app not only because of it’s suitable price but also it’s easy-to-use setup. 

Besides payment request process, It also provides many templates for other purposes. I don’t know if you’re hesitant but trust me, you can save much time from approval process.

Thanks Mr. Binh for this interview. We will do our best to update and make our add-on even better. If you are still considering, check out what we have to offer here.

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