5 Examples of what you can Automate with Approval Workflow Software

In this modern age, finding a way to streamline your approval workflow is even more necessary than ever. Unlike manual approval process, approval workflow software nowadays can help you automate all approval process, thus boost your business’s performance. You no longer need to worry about lost documents nor delays since the entire process is automatically recorded and sent to responsible parties. With so many advantages, let’s check out 5 examples of what you can automate with approval workflow software!

1. Save more cost with approval workflow software

As mentioned, there are many benefits when automating approval process with approval workflow software, specifically:

  • Save cost: most approval workflow software will offer subscription plan. The price may be varied depending on different services; however, it will save you more cost in the long run. Plus, you will not face the risk of losing documents or high delays (which tend to be one main reason why employees lose so many time on papers and thus, increase the business cost).
  • Minimize risk & frustration: complementing the previous point, manual approval process actually poses many risks that can easily cause frustration to employees. These risks are varied, ranging again from lost documents, delays, to losing data or missing requests. Approval workflow software avoids those risks by automating entire process online. All requests are always automatically recorded and sent to responsiible parties, significantly save so many time and increase process efficiency.
  • Effective resource management: approval workflow software significantly reduces unnecessary steps or requirements in your workflow. Requests are always sent automatically to responsible parties, there is no need for paper document. Plus, everyone involved in the approval process get notified immediately, allowing them to make necessary decision.

Overall, these benefits will significantly boost the business productivity as a whole. And with that, let’s see what can we apply approval workflow software in various cases.

2. What can you use approval workflow software for

Employee onboarding

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As the business grows, there will be high demand of hiring new employees. Then after conducting interview and offically hiring an applicant, new employees often have an onboarding process. This process is necessary to introduce new employees to the business, as well as introducing new employees to existing staff and higher-ups. For most of the time, this process will involve recording employee’s information, giving equipments, and notifying all relevant departments about the newcomers.

Approval workflow software can make this process a lot easier by creating a form that records precise information, and automatically notify various departments. Companies can quickly know about the new hires and take necessary steps onward, such as providing necessary equipments, salary plan, etc…

Leave request

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Leave request can be a simple process, but it always happens every month. Small teams may not worry much about it due to the low amount of personnels, but bigger companies will have a rough time due to the sheer amount of requests coming from various divisions. Managers always need to keep track of each request, including leave duration and reason for leaving. Receiving and sending approval on-time is also an important factor to ensure employees’ needs while being ready to prepare for temporary replacement.

Again, approval workflow software can provides solution for this by providing clear leave request form, with specific questions & categories. Managers then can easily keep track & manage all requests via data report, which is always updated in real-time. Managers and employees also do not need to waste time calling or sending papers as they will automatically receive notifications when the request is sent or approved.

Travel request

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Similar to leave request, travel request may also happen regularly, depending on different business. But it tends to be more complicated since it also involves finance & HR department to prepare for expense, travel method, accomodation, and more. The complication comes from the involvement of different department, including sending papers, emails, or calling back and forth in order to agree on the travel plan.

Even so, approval workflow software can solve the problem by providing quick notifications to all involved parties. Plus, managers can still manage all travel information with real-time updated report, including expense, travel time, etc… When the travel request is made, all responsible departments will receive notification in time, allowing them to check and response to the request as fast as possible. 

Purchase request

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Occasionally companies will have to install new equipments & facilities depending on the situation. It can include getting new computers for new employees, upgrading facilities for the office, etc… These requests often require specific information like purchasing items, vendors, quantity, total cost. These information always require high level of precision and transparency. A single misinformation such as cost can cost the business a huge deal when not handling the request & information carefully. Lacking a dedicated approval workflow for purchasing can risk bottlenecks due to the delay or lost requests, and misinformation when sending requests between stakeholders.

Therefore, it is highly important to create a standard workflow for this case using approval workflow software. First, business can create an universal form for all divisions. This form will require employee to fill in exact information in each categories. Then all involved parties will get notification, letting everyone knows about the request and take necessary actions. Managers can also keep track all requests easily, review, and make the right decision.

Reimbursement request

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Sometimes, employees may have to pay for business expense using their own money. In such case, companies always need to have reimbursement policy to cover those expenses for the employees after the payment is done. The problem is: this process requires a high level of transparency to ensure fairness between employees and managers. As we have mentioned several times, requests like this can cause bottlenecks and huge frustration if there is no dedicated workflow for it. With manual process, managers will have a hard time keeping track of the exact expense and the reason why employees made such payment. Again, misinformation especially in terms payment can cause huge problem for the company financially. On the other hand, managers may accidentally lose the request, thus the proper payment is not made to compensate the employee. 

In this situation, having an automated approval workflow will help manage reimbursement request much easier by recording exact information from every single request. No longer will the managers lose any request, plus, they can easily track and verify information sent by employees. All involved departments like HR & finance will also get notified in-time to make decision. Whereas employees can rest assured that their requests remain transparent among all involved departments. And they will always receive confirmation when their request is processed.

And that’s it for now! In the meanwhile, check out our blog for more useful tips and user experiences with PerformFlow!

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