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How to add & remove users in Team Plan

Check out how Team Plan works and how to add and remove users from your Team Plan dashboard.

1. How does Team Plan work?

Team Plan allows an admin user to add up-to 9 other users into the plan, making up a total of 10 users in a team.

When admin user subscribe for Team Plan, the email quota will be applied for the whole team. Meaning if a member sends emails, those email will be substracted towards the team’s total email quota. 

The team’s total quota will be reset every month, starting from the day admin user purchased the plan.

Currently, Team Plan offer a wide range of email quota, starting from 5,000 email quota (approx. 1,250 requests) to 200,000 (approx. 50,000 requests). For more details & pricing, please check out our page.

2. How to add & remove users from Team Plan

For starters, please go to: https://app.performflow.com/subscription

Or click on Login on the website header to access Team Plan’s dashboard:


The link will lead you to dashboard where you can check your team’s total quota, and start adding & removing users.

Add & remove users demonstration video

teamplanusers 3

To add users, simply enter your member’s email address at “Add team member” section and click Add. Then the added email address will appear on “Manage team members” section above.

teamplanusers 4

To remove users, simply click on the red-bin button on the left side of every email address.

teamplanusers 5