Instantly Give Approval for a Recipient Group in Update 1.3.20!

Hi, we are happy to announce that PerformFlow has launched a new update ver 1.3.20! This update is now live on September 17 and all users will get updated automatically.

This update enables one of the most request features by our users: Give form approvals with only one person in a recipient group by creating and adding Recipient Group into your form approvals & form publisher workflow.

How to set up Recipient Group

In update, the Configuration menu has a new section called Advanced Options:

recipient group 1

In this section, there is a new button called “Create recipient group”, clicking on this button will open a new box where you can start adding Recipient Groups:

If you have not created any group yet, the box will automatically ask you to create a new Recipient Group, starting by entering a group name(like image above).

After that, you can add recipients to this group, simply by entering their email addresses:

Click + New recipient
Then enter an email address

After adding email address to the group, those email addresses will appear on RECIPIENTS section. You can also remove a recipient by clicking red trash icon next to the email address.

In case you have multiple Recipient Groups, you can switch between groups by clicking on the group’s name. The selected group will be highlighted in yellow color.

Once you are done, click Save & close to save your Recipient Groups.

How to add Recipient Group into the workflow

After adding Recipient Groups and saved, you can now add those groups into your workflow.

The process is really simple, first, go to Recipients section on the Configuration menu. Then click Add static email:

On the new static recipient field, enter the {GROUP NAME}. For example, if you have a group named “PerformFlow team”, then simply enter {PerformFlow team} into the static recipient field.

In addition, the add-on will remember your group names, so if you have only typed { in the static recipient field, the add-on will automatically show group name suggestions. It means that your groups have been successfully added:

Finally, remember to click Save and your Recipient Group is ready!

How does Recipient Group works

When you add a Recipient Group into the workflow, all recipients within this group will get approval email at the same timeHowever, only one person within the group is needed to give approval in order for the request to process.

For example: we created a Recipient Group named PerformFlow team and it has 2 members: [email protected] and [email protected]. If either tommy.project or brianfletcher approved the request, the request will process to the next person (or completed depending on your setup).

The same also applies for whatever amount of recipients within the group. Only one person gives approval and the request will proceed. There is no need for all recipients in this group to give approval.

That’s it! Have fun automating approval workflow & generating PDF file with PerformFlow!

And don’t forget our other recent update that allows you to show file attachment on email!

For any questions or concerns, please send us email to [email protected]If you have any ideas or features you want to see in the future, please give us a shout at Vote for Update!