Resend Missed Requests & Pricing Adjustment in Update V1.4

Hi, we are happy to announce that PerformFlow has launched a new update ver 1.4! This update is now live on March 31st, 2021 and all users will get updated automatically. 

This update enables two of the most requested features* by our users: 

  • Resend emails to recipients

  • Edit recipient email in case of change of company domains/termination of such recipient emails

In addition, we decided to remove the Invite Friends feature and have some adjustments to pricing. See below for more details.
* Please be noted that the 2 new features are only available if you subscribe for a paid plan due to server cost!

1. Resend Emails to Recipients & Edit Recipient Emails in Update V1.4

*Note: both “Resend Email to Recipient” & “Edit Recipient Email” features are only available for Individual or Team Plan users.

Resend Emails to Recipients

It has been reported that sometimes submitted requests were missed, meaning no emails were sent to recipients. And in some occasions, recipients might accidentally miss the approval email, causing the requests to be missed. With this feature, however, you can find those missed requests and resend them to your specified recipients. To use this feature, please follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to Subscription page & click Recipient on the left menu

Step 2: Choose the Form that you want then click Search icon

Step 3: After step 2, you will see a list of requests that were sent to the selected Form

To resend email to a specific recipient, click the “Resend” button.

And done! The approval email will be resent to that recipient!

With this, your In-Progress request will be working again. If you use Multi-level workflow and there are other recipients, the add-on will automatically move on to the next person once the resent email is approved.

Edit Recipient Emails

Sometimes you may need to change the recipient in a specific request due to email domain change, email removal, or that recipient is unavailable. In that case, you can now change a recipient’s email address in a request. Then you can choose to resend email to that new email address by using the Resend Emails feature above.

To do this, simply go to the Subscription page and choose the Form you need (similar to Step 1 to Step 3 in the Resend Emails feature).

Next, you can see Edit button next to the Resend for each recipient:

Clicking Edit button will open a small box where you can enter the new email address, then click OK.

This will only change a recipient’s email address for that specific request, NOT for your entire Form. Afterwards, you can click Resend button to start resending approval email to the new email address.

In case you want to learn more on how to use PerformFlow, check out out User Guide for more information.

2. Removing Invite Friends feature

Recently, our server cannot handle the excessive usages, causing severe delay to our service. For this reason, we have to take down this feature at the moment to ensure a stable service for all of our users.

Nonetheless, I apologize for this inconvenience.

Should you have any queries or need support, please feel free to contact us via [email protected]

3. Adjustment of Pricing

Ever since our first version in 2019, we have:

  • Updated several features that are highly requested by our users like Conditional Workflow (setting conditions for each recipient) & Recipient Group (that allows requests to progress with only one person in the group giving approval).
  • Our user base has grown rapidly to over 700,000 users, resulting in higher server cost.
  • Our Individual Plan offers a high amount 1,000 monthly emails (or 250 requests per month), while Team Plan starts at 5,000 monthly emails (or 1,250 requests per month). Plus, the Support service fee has been already included in the package.

Yet, our Pricing still stays the same since the beginning. For this reason, we decided to adjust our Pricing from March 31 2021, specifically:

For Individual Plan

  • The starting option offering 1,000 monthly emails quota (approx. 250 requests / month) will be increased from $5 per month to $6 per month (already included $2 support fee).
  • In addition, we also add 3 smaller quota options: 1,500 / 2,000 / 2,500 monthly emails. Each 500-monthly-email increase will cost an additional $2.
  • From 3,000 monthly emails quota, each higher option will offer 1,000 more monthly emails that costs an additional $4 for each increase.

For Team Plan

  • The starting option offering 5,000 monthly emails quota (approx. 1250 requests / month) will be increased from $20 per month to $30 per month (already included $5 support fee).
  • However, the cost for each 5,000 more monthly emails will still maintain at $20.

In case you want to see features that each Plan offers, please check out our PricingAnd if you want to see all quota options & precise cost for each option, check out our Payment page.

*Note: Please rest assured that the pricing policy shall be applied starting from March 31 2021. All plans purchased before March 31, 2021 are still valid. Plus, you are NOT required to pay the extra based on the new pricing. Only when you decide to renew the plan or update the plan do you have to purchase with the new price.

That’s it! Automating approval workflow & generating PDF files at ease with PerformFlow!

For any questions or concerns, please send us email to [email protected].