Roadmap & Vote Your Favorite Features

I’m Tommy – Founder & CEO of PerformFlow. Here’s our journey that our team has been through and from now on, I’d love to have you to join this journey. What it means is that you will be the owner of this product by giving your opinion. That’s how the product is designed for the next version:

  • December 2019: waiting for your vote
  • November 2019: Update new features to help you merge Forms answer to generate & send PDF / Google Docs files.
  • September 2019: Launching the 1st version with approval workflow
  • June 2019: Start developing the product
  • May 2019: Concepting & Wireframing
  • March 2019: Ideation

You just have to spend 2 minutes to fill in the Forms below. Your vote does matter with us. We will inform the result before November 30th, 2019!