Set Reminder – New Update to Speed Up Approval Workflow

Hi there, we are happy to announce that PerformFlow has launched a new update.

This update enables one of the most requested features by our users: Setting a reminder and a deadline for recipient email.

About Set reminder

According to our users’ feedback, many people have been asking if they can set a reminder and/or a deadline for the approval email. With the goal to optimize users’ workflow, this new feature Set reminder allows recipients to set time for a reminder or/and a deadline for the approval email not to miss any requestor emails and save their working time.

This feature is only available for two modes: Approval workflow and Combine All Modes.

Set a reminder

To use this feature, please follow these steps below:

Step 1: On the configuration menu, in the field “Advanced Options”, click on “Set reminder”

Step 2: You will see this Edit Set reminder box

Step 3: Tap the “Enable” and switch to turn on.

Send Reminder Email will send a reminder to recipients about the approval email after a selected time.

Set Deadline is an option that enables recipients to set a deadline time. If after the chosen time the requested email is not being approved or rejected yet, PerformFlow will automatically give the decision based on what the form owner has set.

Step 4: Adjust the time and the unit at the following boxes of each feature. We have three options in terms of the time unit: minutes, hours, and days.

For “After The Deadlines”, the form owner can choose between “Auto Approve” and “Auto Reject”.

Step 5: After you have finished setting the time and the decision after the deadline, remember to click Save to end up your adjustment.

This is a demo Reminder email that you may get after a set time.

A Deadline email with a chosen decision.

That’s it! Setting a time for reminded email and deadline for approval email with PerformFlow!

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