Show File Attachment Link on Emails with Update 1.3.16!

Hi, we are happy to announce that PerformFlow has launched a new update ver 1.3.16This update is now live on June 19 and all users will get updated automatically.

This update enables one of the most request features by our users: Displaying file attachment link on emails.

Display File Attachment Link on Nofitication & Final-Status Emails

According to many feedback from our users, lots of people have been asking if the file attachment link can be shown on email. Previously, it only show as a line of code on email and recipients cannot open the file. But with this new update, your recipients can now open the attached file on the emails.

To do this, first, you will need to create a new File Upload question on your Form:

*Note: Due to the current limitation, we highly recommend setting the maximum number of file as “1” only. 

After that, configure the add-on as usual if you need to and remember to click Save.

With that, both notification email & final-status email will now also show the attached-file link as the answer to your File Upload question. For example:

All your recipients will also be able to view the attachment link by default. In addition, please note that your recipients can always access the link & currently there is no other option in this regard.

That’s it! Have fun automating approval workflow & generating PDF file with PerformFlow!

And don’t forget our other recent update that allows you to stop showing Google Sheets report on final-status email!

For any questions or concerns, please send us email to [email protected]If you have any ideas or features you want to see in the future, please give us a shout at Vote for Update!