5 Reasons Why You Should Automate Approval Workflow By Google Forms

With the increasing trend of remote work, many companies are finding a way to manage their approval workflow online. It is so difficult to process requests with printed paper; therefore, people start shifting to approval workflow automation tools or project management platforms. That being said, finding the most suitable approval workflow automation tool can be rather challenging. Alternatively, Google Forms can be a surprising choice to automate approval workflow! But why Google Forms you may ask? Here are 5 reasons why you should automate approval workflow by Google Forms!

1. Setup Google Forms approval workflow the easy way, no coding required:

There are many approval workflow automation tools and project management platforms you can finally. They often provide quite extensive features from task management, request processes, to online communication platform. That said, many people will find it difficult to grasp all the complex features and options, especially for those who are new to these kinds of tool. But as we mentioned, you can actually use Google Forms as an alternative method.

To be fair, Google Forms itself is rather limited if you use it for approval process. But nowadays, you can find many G Suite add-ons that can enhance the capability of your Forms. These add-ons are intergrated directly to Forms, meaning you do not have to install anything to your computer. Plus, they are designed to be clean, easy-to-use for everyone, including non-tech savvy. You do not need to be a proficient developer to setup an automated approval workflow. PerformFlow is one such add-on that provides quick and easy way to configure your Google Forms approval workflow. It only takes approx 5 minutes to setup your own workflow. Afterwards, the add-on will process requests for you, including automatically sending email to your chosen recipients and let them give approval right on the email. 

2. Save time & money with Google Forms approval workflow:

It is estimated that a common staff tends to lose more than 2 hours of their time per day on paperwork. Supposed that people work 5 days per week, that would be approx 40 hours per month, or 480 hours per year spent on paperwork. That is actually quite lots of time wasted per day, but what if you can save those time to do more important tasks? This is exactly how having Google Forms approval workflow can help you. 

By bringing your request paper to Forms with an approval workflow add-on, the whole process of submitting a request, receiving a request, and giving approval can be done entirely online. As mentioned, approval workflow add-on allows employee’s request to be sent automatically to their manager via email. Then that manager can give approval immediately on the email. Since the process can be done via email service, the manager can also make decision on the mobile device.

In terms of add-on cost, these add-ons generally offer Free Plan that allows you to automate Google Forms approval workflow at zero cost (with certain limitations). They also offer subscription plan featuring additional options and more requests quota. Generally, these add-ons are much cheaper than other individual project management or approval workflow apps. If what you need is to set efficient approval process, Google Forms approval workflow is a great choice without giving you too much complicated features that you do not require.

3. Able to automate various forms & requests:

Those who are not familiar with Google Forms may think that it can only do some simple forms like leave request. However, it can create more complex forms than that. For example, many users have been utilizing PerformFlow for various request types, ranging from leave request, purchase request, travel request, to facility request, medical form, and more. The most difficult part about Forms is setting up approval process, but this aspect can already be solved by Google Forms approval workflow add-on like PerformFlow. The only thing you need to do is create the form you need, setting up approval flow, and let the it run.

4. Manage approval workflow at ease with Google Forms, Sheets, and Gmail

One question comes to many users’ mind is how can they manage their Google Forms approval workflow if everything operates with Forms and email? The great news is: all you need to manage the workflow are Forms, Sheets, and Gmail. Since the add-on is entirely based on Forms, you can actually manage your files and workflow all via your Google Drive. The email is always sent from your Gmail, so you can easily search them via your Sent box. And you can track all the request data including all request’s answers, approval status, and recipients who gave approval. 

In case of PerformFlow, you can set the add-on for each of your form, meaning each of your Google Form will become an individual approval workflow with its own Google Sheets request record. Both your Forms and Sheets are stored in your Drive, therefore it is easy to find and manage. If necessary, you can also add your Form and Sheet into individual folder(s) for better file management.

5. Stay secured with Google Forms

Security is another important question many people have been wondering about Google Forms approval workflow add-on. This is a legit concern since you are entrusting a third-party to help automate approval process. But in case of Google add-on, you can rest assured since it is Google themselves who examine the add-on. In order for an add-on to be released for Forms (or any other Google services), it has to go through careful examination. Only when Google accepted the add-on that it can finally be released. Therefore, Google Forms approval workflow add-ons are mostly safe to use. The only concern left is how good the add-on is in terms of feature’s quality and how easy it is use.

And that’s it for now! In the meanwhile, check out our blog for more useful tips and user experiences with PerformFlow!

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