1. General Information:

If the add-on suddenly has error running although it works normally before, please send us email to [email protected]. Our team will contact with you ASAP to examine the issue.

  • If the problem happens to all users, we will issue a fixing update to solve the problem.
  • If the problem happens with your domain only, it is highly because your G Suite admin settings may prevent the add-on in certain cases. In this situation, it is recommended to contact your domain admin because we cannot fix nor allowed to access your system. Please rest assured that REFUND is still available.

Emails & Requests are different. For examples, if you set up a workflow with 2 recipients, a form respondent submit a request then 2 emails counted to be sent to 2 recipients. In average, a request from our users consists of 4 emails. That’s why free plan (100 emails) is calculated to be approximately 25 requests per month.
The smaller number of recipient you set up in the workflow, the more request you have with a fixed email quota and vice versa.

Recently there is a bug from Google which disconnects the add-on with Google Forms (You can check out the details here).

To fix the problem, open the add-on’s menu (), then go to “Quotas“. Here, switch “Activate PerformFlow” off then switch it on again to reset the add-on.

Permission to Google Drive is only necessary for the addon to perform actions related to your connected Google Form and spreadsheet on your behalf. In no circumstance that we will use those files for any other purposes or sharing to third parties. 

You can check out our all permissions and their purposes for more details.

No. PerformFlow only store data which is absolutely necessary for the addon to work properly. 

You can check out what data we store for more details.

In case you have tried several times to pay with your Credit/Debit Card but you didn’t receive any notification of successful payment, please create a PayPal account which links to your card:

Step 1: Access to: https://www.paypal.com/home

Step 2: Add your Credit/Debit Card to the PayPal account:


Step 3: Try making payment with PerformFlow one more time.

If you purchased the subscription via Paypal: you can cancel the automatic payment to PerformFlow from your Paypal account.

If you purchased the subscription via credit/debit card: please contact us at [email protected] and attach the invoice to your email.

You data will still be stored in our database even after your subscription cancellation. If you want to remove your data, please contact to us via [email protected].

If you are Free user, you can change adminstrator by deactivating the addon from your current account, then activate it on your new account. Also make sure that your new account has access to all files associated with your form.

However, if you have subscribed to Paid Plan, you cannot change form’s adminstrator.

Unfortunately, you cannot downgrade your plan to lower quota plan after purchasing PerformFlow. However, this will not affect our 30-day money back guarantee and you will get money back if you are not satisfied with the product 30 days after purchasing. 

Yes, but only in the case your previous paid plan is still effective, having at least 1 month left in the quota from annual plan. If you purchase higher quota plan, your fee will be subtracted with the cost you paid for the previous paid plan (calculated in total *months left not used). You will have 2 options: either getting a refund via paypal or in payment page, getting a fee of new plan already subtracted with the fee we have to pay back.

If you have used all the months for the previous paid plan, you will not get refund and have to pay full price of the higher plan you choose at that time.

*Please be noted that if you have used for at least 1 day for a month, it will be counted as a month used. For example, if you pay on 15th this month so 14th of next month will end first month and from 15th of next month, your quota will be counted as 2 months used.

No, you can change the form ownership via Google Forms settings. However, the new owner account CANNOT configure the add-on. 

That new account can only edit questions on the form, but beware that changing the form’s questions can break the add-on settings.

You can transfer your paid subscription to other email. Simply click login and visit dashboard to do so. Please be noted that this feature is only applied for paid plan only.

No. You can use a different account for payment and it does not need to be your add-on-user account.Toggle Content

You can use the add-on with both those types of email.

In case you use the add-on for the company, it is highly recommend using a general account (which will be used for a long time). So even when your company has personnel changes, your company can still use that same general account for their workflow.

For Team Plan users, please click on Login, or go to apps.performflow.com/subscription.

The link will lead you to dashboard where you can check your team’s total quota, and start adding & removing users.

  • To add users, simply enter your member’s email address at “Add team member” section and click Add. Then the added email address will appear on “Manage team members” section above.
  • To remove users, simply click on the red-bin button on the left side of every email address.

You can check out this video for demonstration.

*Note: please be aware that email quota of Team Plan are used by the whole team. Meaning if a member sends emails, they are substracted to the team’s total quota.

  • You can get full refund within 30 days since the day you purchase. Simply email to [email protected] to proceed.
  • After 30 days of purchase, you will not get refund if your providing reasons are not technical problems of PerformFlow addon.
  • After 30 days of purchases, if you can provide proof of PerformFlow’s technical problems & want refund, you can receive partial refund based on remaining subscribed credit (your subscribed months left).
  • You will not receive refund for extra months that we provide as bonus gift.
  • Your data excluding custom email template data will be kept forever just like other Free plan users. Only data relating to custom email template will be kept within 30 days after you cancel subscription and after 30 days, it will be automatically deleted.
  • You can ask us to delete all of your data by emailing to [email protected]

2. Questions about Document/PDF Generation:

First, you will need to create a file template with Google Docs, then add it to the add-on.

When a Form submission is sent, the add-on will generate a new Google Document with information based on submission’s answers.

Finally, a PDF file will be generated based on your template. Both PDF and document file will be saved in your Google Drive.

With Free plan, you can only generate up to 100 files per month.

But with Individual or Team plan, you can generate unlimited amount of files per month.

There are 2 errors that may happen when you configure document generation:

Error 1: Missing field on Form

  • It means that there are Matching Question Fields appearing on your file template, yet none is found on your Google Form. The add-on will not generate any file if this error occurs.
  • Solution: Add the respective question of the missing fields to your Google Form 

(E.g. if your file template has <> field, yet your Google Form does not have it, add “Employee Name” question to your Form).

Error 2: Missing field on file template 

  • It means that there are questions appearing on your Google Form, yet their respective Matching Question Fields are not found on your file template. In this case, you can still generate files, but those files will not have the answers for the missing question fields.
  • Solution: Add the missing question fields to your file template

(E.g. if your Form has “Employee Name” question, yet your file template does not have it, add <> field to the template).

You can select your Google Drive’s folder (where you want to store generated files) in the addon’s Configuration menu in “Generate document/PDF only” mode.

But if you does not select any Google Drive in the Configuration, the add-on will automatically save generated PDF files to your “My Drive” section. Whereas your generated document will be saved to the folder where you put your file template.

No, unfortunately this feature is not available at the moment.

3. Questions about Approval Workflows:

When a Form Respondent sends a request, the addon will automatically send approval notification email to your specified recipient(s).

Recipient can make One-click approve/reject decision on email, or, approve/reject & comment on PerformFlow website.

Finally, an email will be sent to all recipients notifying the final result.

No. Recipients do not need Google account. They also do not need to have access to your Google Form or spreadsheet. 

When a request is sent, recipient will receive an email which includes:

  • ‘One-click Approve’ & ‘One-click Reject’ button: to approve/reject immediately.
  • ‘Approve/Reject & Comment’ button: to open PerformFlow app where you can approve/reject & give comment on the request.

There is no limit to the number of recipients. However, be aware that the higher number of recipients is, the quicker your emails quota may run out.

You can have option to allow Form Respondents to edit their own submission. 

However, Recipients can not edit submissions from Respondent.

The email quota limit for Free plan is 100 emails/month. Also you can only send up to 100 emails per day.

There are many other tools like PerformFlow using Google daily-email quota. Google only has a limited amount of email quota for daily. And as more and more people use their daily-email service for free, the faster this daily-email quota runs out.

A request needs to send multiple emails to different recipients and respondent (optional) for approval. This means that one request may costs lots of email quota.

When you run out of email quota, the addon will temporary stop running. You will have to wait for quota renewal to send email again.

If you are Free user, you can purchase Individual Plan and enjoy much higher quotas (at least 1200 emails/month) and unlimited emails sent per day.

You data will still be stored in our database even after your subscription cancellation. If you want to remove your data, please contact to us via [email protected].

Yes, but be aware that Form owner/adminstrator in particular still needs Google account. This is because the addon sends email on your Gmail behalf. 

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