How Approval Workflow Software Boosts Your Business Productivity

As a business, we always want to improve our productivity while ensuring the balance between work and personal life, but various challenges can cause both employees and employers frustrated. One of them is approval requests and paperwork. Without a proper request management system, things can quickly get out of hand due to a single missing paper, request, or misinformation. Thus, it makes the business much less productive as a whole. For this reason, approval workflow software was created to help businesses overcome this challenge & even become more effective. And so, let’s see how approval workflow software boosts your business productivity!

1. Save More Time & Cost With Approval Workflow Software

Although there is indeed a trend of implementing approval workflow software among many organizations, many others still rely on the manual process via emails or printed documents. Employees tend to waste approximately two hours per day just doing paperwork and other administration tasks (according to The Independent). That is a lot of time wasted, considering it is roughly 40 hours wasted per month on “pointless tasks.” With these 40 hours, employees should instead spend on many other important tasks, thus boosting business productivity.

However, the approval process is streamlined and automated with approval workflow software. It provides a better management system as employees can send a request automatically delivered to the managers on time. There is no longer a need to handle any physical paper or answer every single email manually, effectively cutting down the time needed to send documents. Also, approval workflow software often includes a quick approval feature, allowing managers to approve instantly without needing to reply or sign documents manually. This automated approval workflow system can boost business productivity in many fields.

For example, automated approval workflow provides a much more efficient management system in the manufacturing business. It allows procurement and purchases to progress much faster and more accurately. If employees require additional parts or want to complete an order, they can send a request, which is automatically delivered to the managers. And with just one-click approval, employees will soon get a notification and move on to their next tasks.

2. Minimize Errors From the Manual Approval Process

During the manual approval process (e.g., sending emails or paper documents), specific errors will eventually occur, no matter what, due to human factors. These errors can vary from delay during a request, unknown or false information, to missing requests and documents. At first glance, these errors may sound small, yet one single error can create huge problems in management and administration work. Delays can force employees to wait hours or even days until the request is approved. Unknown or false information makes managers and other involved personnel waste more time asking around for data and confirmation. Missing requests or documents also worsen the situation since the staff must find the lost files or make another request.

Approval workflow software provides an automation system that streamlines all approval processes to solve this problem. With the entire approval workflow automated, it minimizes the errors caused by human factors. It allows users to create detailed and precise request forms, asking employees to fill in clear information required in different categories. The request is then sent automatically. Therefore you can always rest assured that managers will receive your request promptly. Managers can quickly check all the delivered information and make the right decision. Since you no longer need to rely on sending papers or emails manually, you can guarantee that there are no missing steps. All tasks will be automatically triggered when the request is progressed.

3. Prevent Bottleneck Situations

As mentioned, the manual approval process has a high risk of errors due to human aspects like approval delay, unknown or false information, and missing requests and documents. This risk can eventually make employees or managers fall into a bottleneck situation. Due to the serious lack of information, they have to run to other departments asking for confirmation like “who approved this request,” “how long was it sent,” etc. This situation only makes the process painfully slow, and it only worsens if the companies have to deal with so many daily requests.

Luckily this situation can be avoided when using approval workflow software. Again, approval workflow software’s most significant advantage is automating all approval processes. This advantage can ensure no requests or documents are lost, all information is presented, and all involved personnel will receive notifications on time. Plus, approval workflow software also provides data reports that record all sent requests, including information filled by requesters, when it was sent, and who approved it. These data can also be shared easily with all other stakeholders to ensure transparency across the business.

4. Give Approval Anytime and Anywhere

One of the biggest challenges when manually handling the approval process is time. When relying on email or printed documents alone, time is wasted sending the papers or emails. Then you have to wait until managers receive the request, review it, approve it, then notify you about the result. In many cases, you cannot proceed with your tasks because the current work still needs to be approved. Sometimes, the responsible person may be out of the office for various reasons. Thus, they cannot process your request. So again, you have to wait until they return. With the approval workflow software, however, this situation can be avoided. Since everything is processed online, you do not have to wait for papers or manual emails. As soon as a new request arrives, managers will be notified immediately and can give approval online. Some tools even offer a feature that allows you to approve via mobile devices. This means you can keep track of what’s happening even though you are traveling for business or leisure.

5. Transform How You Work

The way a company works will shape its culture and how its employees work. When relying on the manual approval process, employees waste more time waiting and spending hours dealing with paperwork when they could have that precious time for more valuable tasks. Such wasted time makes employees much less productive, while certain employees may gradually feel less motivated due to a long time of tedious paperwork. But by transforming how the company manages approval requests, employees can spend less time on paperwork or other administrative work and focus on tasks that matter. Companies can save more money for essential investments rather than fixing approval problems. Approval requests are transparent and processed automatically. And of course, employees and managers will be much more productive as they can now spend more time on their important work.

And that’s it for now! Meanwhile, check out our blog for more helpful tips using PerformFlow.

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