Leave Request Form: How to Make it Quick and Easy (with Free Sample)

1. Leave Request Form Template by PerformFlow

Your workflow can be streamlined by allowing employees to submit important details such as absence dates, reasons for absence, and other notes via our form template.

Use the Leave Approval Form below for your reference to create your own.

sick leave request
sick leave request
leave approval

It is critical to document all employee absences, whether for vacation, illness, or bereavement. Such common reasons should be presented clearly in a Sick Leave Request, Vacation Request, or many other types like them. 

The guidelines will assist you in making an effective and professional leave request.

2. How to write a good leave application for the office?

When composing a leave request in email format to the HR Manager or your manager, there are a few sections that must be included:

  • Subject Line: Add ‘Leave Request’ in your subject line along with other information (If required).
  • Name: Type your full name.
  •  Job Title or Department (Optional): You can include your job title.
  • Salutation: Add the recipient’s name to the greeting. Use only the first name of the person if you want to identify them.
  • Reason for a leave of absence: You might want to take some time off work for a variety of reasons, such as a personal or family health issue, family vacation, or official obligations. Your employers can better understand the reason for your absence and accept your request if you give them a reason. Additionally, it enhances your reputation as a dependable and trustworthy worker. It’s crucial to explain the situation clearly and honestly, but going into too much detail is typically unnecessary.
  • Dates of the absence: It’s crucial that you specify the dates of your absence after requesting permission from your manager. If at all possible, avoid scheduling important business events, meetings, or project deadlines during your chosen dates.
  • Additional details (Optional): You might choose to provide some notes or information if you’ve already made plans with your coworkers and are confident that someone can fill in for you while you’re away.
  • Thank you note: Thank the reader for considering the leave. You may increase your chances of getting approval from them if you include this in your request. If you’re not sure about your manager’s decision, use this section to reassure them that you can still keep up with your work even if you take a few days off.
3.  Some key tips when making a ‘Leave Request’
  • Take care of all the tasks after and before your leave as much as possible. It takes time to set up coverage for your job and deal with your employer’s leave-related requirements. The more notice you can give the company, the easier it will be for them to accommodate your request.
  • Speak to one of your managers/supervisors first to notify them about your absence, then write out your request or submit a leave request form.
  • Check your employer’s policies and procedures for requesting leave before your leave application to have the process much quicker.

With our Leave Request Form template, you can easily get organized and should be all set in a few minutes!

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