Leave Request Forms

A leave request form may be required for a variety of reasons. When your kid is sick, you must stay home to care for her, would your manager approve or reject your request? 

The fact is that you may need to request a leave of absence at some time throughout your work. Absence may be needed for a variety of reasons, including personal or family health issues, the birth and/or adoption of a child, or to relax from severe job stress. It might be for the pursuit of a passion, or the urge to travel. 

1. What is a leave application form for office?

When an employee has to take an absence from work for personal reasons, they submit a leave application letter or a letter of absence to the appropriate authority. Writing such a letter demonstrates professionalism on the side of the employee and allows enough time for the team and the business to prepare.

In other words, a leave application is a formal manner of requesting a break from work for a certain amount of time.

If you are making a formal leave request, there are several guidelines and elements you must include: it should be short, concise, and provide adequate information about the cause for your absence.

2. The content of a leave request form

The office leave application explains an employee’s circumstance of being unable to work at the office for a specific period of time. They can address their issue with the management or HR to order to remedy it by writing an application.

 The following are the critical elements to include in your leave request form:

  • The form subject 
  • Employee and manager information.
  • Reason for leaving 
  • The number of absent days.
3. List of leave request form template:
Employee Leave Request Form

There are four sections to complete on the form: employee information, type of leave, the reason for leave, and approval requests.

This employee request form is intended to manage various types of leaves. You may also tailor it to your organization’s specific requirements, and use it to request a single day of leave or several days.

Some template of employee leave request form:  


Time Off Request

The Time Off Request Form helps to track employee time off requests on a daily basis, where employees submit their contact information, workplace position, time and reason of absence.

Time Off Request Template

Vacation Request Form

Using this online vacation request form, you can manage time off requests at your company.  Employee details, vacation start and end times, and signatures are requested on this sample vacation request form.

Customize this free vacation request form to include your company’s regulations and to request extra information, such as vacation destination and time zone….

Vacation Request Form Template

Temporary Off Duty Request Form

A temporary duty request form is a document to report temporary duty off request.

Temporary Off Duty Request Form Template.


Paternity Leave
Paternity leave refers to the period of absence from work granted to a father after or shortly before the birth of his child.
Automate Leave Request

You can automate the leave request process, vacation tracking, communications, and cut the repetitive tasks by using G suite add-ons. 

With just a simple set up,  a basic Google Form could be converted into a leave request approval procedure, from employee submission to acceptance or rejection of HR’s request by using PerformFlow add-on.

This is how a leave request approval flow works via PerformFlow add-on:

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