March 2023 Updates

Hello PerformFlow users!

We are writing to inform you of two updates in March 2023.

1. Tracking Page for Default Email Template

Under the “Form Respondent” menu, you can now see the ‘”Tracking Progress” Link in Email’ option:

With this option enabled, your form respondent can track the approval status online via a URL at the end of the respondent’s notification email:

2. Tracking Page for Custom Email Templates

Your form respondents and recipients can now track the approval status online. This option is integrated into paid users’ “Custom Email Template” option.

To insert a tracking page URL into emails, add a <<Tracking URL>> field to your custom email templates. Or, you can insert this custom field as a hyperlink.

By clicking the link in emails, form respondents and recipients can access the tracking page looks like below:

For the user guide, click here.

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