Pricing Policy

1. Remaining Quotas

1.1. Monthly Emails and Daily Emails

The Monthly Emails section shows the remaining emails of the current month and the total monthly email. In the example above, the remaining emails are 2995, and the total monthly email is 3000.

The Daily Emails section shows the limit of emails sent out every day. In the example above, it’s unlimited.

1.2. Document/PDF

The Document/PDF section shows an estimated range of the Google Docs or PDF files that are generated daily. In the example above, the user can have around 250 to 1500 generated files daily.

In details:

  • 250 is for Gmail users.
  • 1500 is for Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) accounts.

2. "Monthly Emails" Versus "Requests"

request is a response to your Google form, and you can see the total response of a form in the Responses tab:

One request uses several monthly emails depending on the number of form recipients.

Example 1: If a form has two recipients, the total email sent out for each request is four, including two approval emails and two final emails.

Example 2: If a form has three recipients, the total email sent out for each request is six, including three approval emails and three final emails.

The above examples is based on the default settings, which do not have a form respondent. If you create a form respondent field, it will cost two more emails for each request.

Depending on your workflow setup, the more recipients you have, the more emails will be sent out. Therefore, below is a tip on how to save your quota.

3. A Tip for Saving Your Quota

There are four options for sending final emails to the recipients:

  • All recipients: The add-on sends final emails to all recipients.
  • Matched condition only: The add-on sends final emails to specific recipients with matched conditions set under the “Recipients & Respondent” list.
  • None: The add-on sends no final email out.
  • Custom recipients: The add-on sends final emails to the recipient list specifically inputted here.

To save some monthly emails, try the “Matched condition only,” “None,” or “Custom recipients” option to send final emails to some or none recipients instead of all recipients by default. For further instructions, please read here.

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