How to Turn Google Forms Responses Into Approval Workflows

Each of us goes through routine daily tasks, many of which still use paper-based forms. You may quickly digitize your processes by systematically capturing information with Google Forms.

The Google Forms tool is arguably the least well-known and underutilized of all of Google’s products. Every Google account comes with free access to Google Forms, which is incredibly user-friendly and accessible to almost everyone. Despite its simplicity and ease of use, Google Forms is a powerful tool that both large and small companies employ. To allow you to report on the data at any moment, Google Forms natively maintains your form response data in a Google Sheet, creating a new row for each submission submitted.

Practical Ways to Use Google Forms

Most anything can be done using Google Forms, such as keeping track of requests for time off, purchases, reimbursement of expenses, personal development, IT services, etc.

You can quickly create forms with a professional appearance that are compatible with mobile devices using Google Forms’ simple form builder.

Like other Google products, Google Forms can grow with your company. Google Sheets can currently handle 5 million data cells, and Google Forms can handle as much data as Google Sheets.

Only the form administrator needs a Google account rather than your form respondents.

Next, we will cover how to create an approval workflow.

Five Steps to Create an Approval Workflow

1. Have the right system

We all have to do boring things daily, and many of these tasks still require paper forms. Google Forms lets you collect information in a structured way so that you can start digitizing your processes right away.

Google Forms is probably the Google app that people know the least about and use the least. Google Forms is free and comes with every Google account. It’s easy to use, so almost anyone can use it. Even though it is simple and easy to use, Google Forms is a powerful tool that organizations of all sizes use. Your form responses are automatically saved in a Google Sheet. For each form submission, a new row is added to the sheet, so you can always look back at the information.

2. Have the right add-on

Let’s say you want to make your Google form more interactive, so how to do it then?

With the PerformFlow add-on for Google Forms, you can turn any Google Form submissions into interactive approval workflows with the following features:

  1. Set multi-level form approval workflows and let static or dynamic recipients approve anytime, anywhere
  2. Save more time by approving with one click on the form approval email
  3. Stop relying on papers and track all form approval requests in a single spreadsheet & via approval workflow emails
  4. Add Form Respondent to get result email when form approval workflow ends or being asked to edit answers
  5. Set conditions for each recipient in your form publisher/form approval workflow so that they can only receive generated documents/PDF files/give approval when specified conditions are met

3. Install the PerformFlow add-on

Step 1: Go to Google Workspace Marketplace and search for “PerformFlow.”

Step 2: Click on the “Install” button.

Step 3: Click on the “Continue” button.

Step 4: Choose a Google account to continue.

Step 5: Click on “Allow” to accept all the permissions.

Step 6: You have successfully installed the add-on.

4. Get started with the PerformFlow add-on

There are four modes included in the PerformFlow add-on:

  • Create approval workflow: when a request is submitted to your form, the add-on will send emails to your specified recipients asking them to make an approval decision (we call these “approval emails”). After your recipients decide, the request will be either approved or rejected. Then the add-on will send a final status email to all recipients (and the form respondents if you need it).
  • Generate document/PDF: will auto-generate PDF & document every time a submission is sent to your form.
  • Generate & send PDF/document: will auto-generate PDF & document every time a submission is sent to your form and send the generated file to your specified recipients.
  • Combine all modes: will auto-generate PDF & document every time a submission is sent to your form. And when a submission is sent, your recipient will receive the generated document and can approve/reject it right on the same email.

5. How to use “Combine all modes” option

This option has two tabs: “Document & PDF” and “Recipients.”

Document & PDF

  1. Select Template: Select a template for your generated document. Click here on how to create a template file.
  2. Document Fields: These fields should match your template file.
  3. Destination Folder: Assign a folder to store all generated documents.
  4. Document Naming: All generated documents will be named after this structure. Here is how to name the documents.


  1. Recipients & Respondents: You can set up the recipients’ and the respondent’s emails here. The emails can be either static or dynamic.
  2. Advanced Options: These options include “Create recipient group” and “Set reminder.”
  3. Email Options: You can set up the email sender’s name here.

When managers and other important people can review and approve essential files and documents faster, your whole organization works better. With the right document management workflow, you can be sure that all of your documents meet your standards for quality.

And if you want an easy-to-use add-on to streamline your approval workflows, PerformFlow might be a good choice.

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