Turn Form Responses Into Google Form Approvals

Google Form Approvals supercharges your organization’s productivity. Imagine an operations infrastructure void of unnecessary delays, personnel bottlenecks, paper filing, overwhelming email threads and chasing around managers for approval. And automated workflows integrated with Google can be applied to many operations processes including:

  • Purchase Request Order;
  • Leave/Vacation Request;
  • Job Application;
  • Performance Review;
  • Employee Feedback;
  • Employee Onboarding/Offboarding;
  • Performance Improvement;
  • and so on…

In this article, we’ll discuss how automation workflow can benefit your organization and how to turn Google Form response into Google Form Approvals.

How automation workflow can benefit your organization?

1, Speed Up Your Google Form Approvals Workflows and ProcessesProcesses

You may already be using Google docs and G Suite as a low-cost option to organize your business files and communication. But connecting Google Apps with a touch of automation is the next step to cutting costs and improving productivity. 

Following information from spreadsheet to spreadsheet, copying and pasting, and trying to keep track of long email threads requires a lot of time and management. 

2, Faster Google Form Approvals Using Google Sheets

Connect Google Sheets with Google Forms to automate and speed up approvals. For example, you can set up a workflow to automatically send off a Purchase Request Order for approval to responsible parties and it will also attach your spreadsheet to the email. Note that automatic email sending may require a custom Google Apps Script (see later section).

3, Create an Interactive Workflow with Google Form Approvals

Using automation, Google Forms let you automatically connect your form data with a Google spreadsheet. For example, if you conduct Job Application, set up a workflow so that the form data automatically populates an existing Google spreadsheet. This eliminates manual copy and pasting.  

Google Forms can also automatically send emails to the requester and/or other parties notifying them of specific actions taken with the form. This does, however, require the setup of Google add-ons or working with Google Apps Script (see next section).

How to turn form response into Google Form Approvals

1, Advanced Automation with Google Apps Script

Google created Google Apps Script to help businesses customize automations that work with their Google tasks. According to Google, “Google Apps Script is a rapid application development platform that makes it fast and easy to create business applications that integrate with G Suite. You write code in JavaScript and have access to built-in libraries for favorite G Suite applications like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and more.”

Let’s take the earlier example of the employee survey form. Using Google Sheets automation, we know that the form can auto-populate data into a Google Spreadsheet. This is not too difficult to set up. But, if you want to save more time and further automate the process, use Google Apps Script to set up automated thank-you emails that fire after an employee completes the form or send approval emails to managers. 

Google Scripts is not for the typical end user…

Implementing Google Scripts requires a developer who understands how to code in this platform. While there are pre-written scripts available for Google Apps Scripts functionality, spending hours researching the net for the best solution to speed up your processes seems counterproductive. This will especially be difficult for the non-techie as many pre-written scripts will need modification to fit your unique organizational needs.  

In addition, making changes to your workflows (which will occur frequently) becomes tedious because you will also have to find and make changes to the Google Scripts as well, making the management of these scripts an organizational nightmare. Unless you have a technical team capable of managing this ongoing, we recommend considering another option. 

Third-Party Workflow Automation Software

Imagine a world where data flows in and out of Google documents, gets routed to stakeholders and management for approvals via emails, stored in Drive folders. No coding required. 

This is 100% possible–with a little help from the outside.

If you are looking for this type of Google Form Approvals Apps—without breaking the bank or messing with complex coding—consider adopting third-party software. Workflow software for Google Apps automation reduces the complexity involved with this process.

See: 5 Amazing Tools for Google Form Approval Workflow.

Below are the benefits and features of working with third-party software:

  • Set multi-level Google Form approvals and let static & dynamic recipients approve anytime, anywhere.
  • Save more time by giving approval with 1 click on form approvals email (auto-sent by the add-on as form publisher to email).
  • Easily learn how to set form approvals with 4 pre-made question templates to approve. And set your own request like invoice, payment form approvals, registration, reservation…
  • Stop relying on papers and instead track all form approvals requests (e.g. payment, reservation, registration, invoice) in a single spreadsheet & approval workflow emails.
  • Add Form Respondent to get result email when form approval workflow ends or being asked to edit answers.
  • Set conditions to each recipient in your form publisher/Google form approval workflow so that they can only receive generated documents / PDF files/give approval when specified conditions are met.
  • Customize email templates with just few minutes.

Google Forms Approval Workflow cases:

  • HR: vacation / leave request (paid time off request – PTO), shift change request, member registration,…
  • Operation – Administration: payment request, facility access request, purchase request, expense request, reservation…
  • Sales: invoice approval workflow, discount approval workflow,…
  • School requests: field trip request, tutor request, rubrics…

Generate PDF/Document online as form publisher:

  • Use document generator (or Google Form to pdf generator) witrh Google Docs template to convert Google Form to pdf.
  • Safely send generated PDF / Document automatically to your team (recipients) via email.

Essentially, software enables you to create automated multi-step Google apps workflows for your entire organization without writing a single line of code.

Try PerformFlow for free and see how workflow automation can help you!

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