New Update of 2023: Signature – Sign A Request

1. How It Works

This feature is only available in the mode “Combine All Modes.”

Recipients have a new role called “Can approve & sign.” When selecting this role, approval emails will have a button named “Approve/Reject and Sign.”

Next is how to sign a request.

Step 1: Click the “Approve/Reject and Sign” button.

Step 2: Draw your signature, and add a comment if necessary. After that, click “Approve” or “Reject,” and it’s done.

Note: You cannot leave the signature field empty. Otherwise, you cannot proceed with the Approve or Reject buttons.

2. Document Field <<X Signature>>

A new field called <<X Signature>> is available. X can be a static email, for example, <<[email protected] Signature>>, or a dynamic field like <<Your Manager’s Email Signature>>.

Note: This signature document field works on a spreadsheet template as well.

3. The Result

The respondent and recipients will receive a final email containing the comment and the generated document. This document will include the signature.

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