How PerformFlow sends email notifications?

In this article, you will learn how PerformFlow sends the notification email with form respondent’s answers to specified recipients.

  • When are the notification emails sent?
  • From whom and to whom are these emails sent?
  • How are your notification emails sent?
  • Which technology do we use to send your notification emails?
  • What happens to my emails after notifications are sent?

When are the notification emails sent?

PerformFlow sends these notification emails each time a request made by form respondent is submitted to your Google Form

From whom and to whom are these emails sent?

These emails are sent to the recipients you specified in the ‘Approval Workflow’ menu from PerformFlow.

How are your notification emails sent?

By way of the permissions you granted for PerformFlow during installation, it uses Gmail API to access your Gmail mailbox and to send the email notifications from there, on your behalf. To achieve this, PerformFlow performs the following steps:

Step 1: PerformFlow sends an instruction to ‘send email(s)’ to Gmail

Just like the steps you would follow to send your emails in Gmail, Google provides a solution to automate the process programmatically, using Gmail API. And that’s exactly what PerformFlow is doing: We simply automate a series of actions that can be done manually.

With your grant of the specific permission to ‘Send email as you’, PerformFlow uses your Google account to send a specific instruction to Gmail (ie: ‘Send email). Technically, it’s exactly as if you were the one sending this request.

In other words, PerformFlow only fetches data from your Google Form, and transfers it to Gmail / Google servers for sending those emails.

Step 2: Gmail gets the instruction and sends your emails

After getting PerformFlow’s instruction, Gmail will send an email with your Google account to all recipients mentioned in the ‘Approval Workflow’ menu, as if you were sending them manually from Gmail interface. Gmail is still the core tool that sends and delivers your notification.

All the steps of an email notification, from sending the email from your account to delivering the emails in your recipients’ inbox, are 100% handled by Gmail.

Which technology do we use to send your notification emails?

PerformFlow relies fully on Google Apps Script technology. By using Google Apps Script, all the PerformFlow code is based and executed in Google servers. All your data is stored and processed in the Google Cloud.

All your emails are actually sent from your own Google account to your recipients.

What happens to my emails after notifications are sent?

Once Gmail finished to send your emails to your recipients, all your emails are stored in your Gmail box. At no point in time does PerformFlow store any copies of your emails or its contents.

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