New Updates to Save Your Monthly Quota

Hi there!
We are happy to announce that PerformFlow has been updated with the below features and enhancements.

1. Options for Sending Final Emails

The final email is greatly used in many our customers’ requests as notification of their approvals. Here, we would like to introduce a range of options for sending final emails to optimize the user’s needs.

General options for sending final emails

Sometimes, it is necessary to send final emails to all recipients. If you want only some recipients to receive the final emails, this feature has been made for you. There are four available options:


    • All recipients

    • Matched condition only

    • None

    • Custom recipients

To use this feature, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: On the configuration menu, in the field “Send final email to“, click to choose an option.


Step 2: Click “Save” to save your modification.

How to use Custom Recipients

When you select ‘Custom recipients‘, our add-on will show all the declared recipients for you to choose (both static and dynamic ones). Additionally, click ‘Enter Approver Email‘ if you want to enter all approvers’ emails that you have added in the Recipients tab.

You can easily choose several recipients to add at once:

You can also type an email they want to add and press ‘Enter’:

Not sending when having “Reject” switch

In the Advanced Options, there is a switch called Not sending when having “Reject“. When you turn this switch ONthe final emails will not be sent to anyone after one of your recipients chooses “Reject” for approval.

For further instructions, click here.

2. Team Plan Users

Team Plan is always a worthwhile plan for any team and organization. The Team Plan now offers up to 100 users, previously only 10 of them, while its price is still the same and all other functions remain unchanged.

Therefore, our customers can freely use the plan without worrying about the number of users.

Please visit the Pricing page for more details about the Team Plan.

3. Resend Emails for Free Users

Previously, only paid users could resend “In Progress” emails in the dashboard. Now, the feature is available for free users

4. Team Plan Dashboard

The dashboard of Team Plan users has been updated. The team admin can now easily track each team member’s used quota

5. Team Plan: Share Edit Permission

We’re happy to introduce the most wanted feature: Share Edit Permission. When you share a form with edit permission, members of the team you share with can edit it independently. Any updates they make sync with the shared form, so everyone with access to it is up-to-date.

Step 1: Create a form by one of the members of the Team.

Step 2: Add other members as editors to the form access.

Step 3: Turn on the “Share Edit Permission“. Then click “Save”.

f12 (1)

Now other members of the Team can edit the form on their own. You can enable or disable this feature anytime you want.

For more information, please check this

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