How to export Responses from Google Form to PDF

Many organizations nowadays are using Google Forms to create important request forms like leave request, purchase request, employee onboarding, and more… These forms can be filled entirely online and the form owner can easily track all responses via Google spreadsheet. That said, people still need to export these responses from Google Form to PDF for various needs (e.g. sending PDF to involved personnels via email, printing responses). But how can you export responses from Google Form to PDF exactly? Let’s find out! 

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1. Manually print all responses from Google Form to PDF:

Google Forms inherently includes a feature that allow you to print all responses at once. To begin, open your Form, then switch from Questions to Responses section:


Responses section includes all the response data submitted to your Form. From here, click on the “3-dot icon” next to the spreadsheet link:

Then click on Print all responses:

Upon clicking, it will open a Print window where you can setup PDF generation:

Here you can choose Destination to determine how and where the PDF file is generated, (e.g. Save as PDF to save all responses to your computer; or Save to Google Drive to save all responses to your Google Drive) and finally click Print/Save.

Other than that, there are also several optional choices you can setup, but they are not mandatory.

2. Manually print individual response from Google Form to PDF:

Similar to how you manually print all responses from Google Form to PDF, you also start by opening your wanted Form and switch from Questions to Responses section:

But instead of what we did previously, this time click on Individual part below:

The Individual part is where you can check each response, including all the answers. To start exporting individual response from Google Form to PDF, click on the Printer icon just below the Individual text:

Afterwards, it will open the same Print window before but this time is to print individual response. Here you can simply follow the same steps from printing all responses method:

3. Automatically save responses from Google Form to PDF with PerformFlow

While the printing option featured in Google Forms work nicely, it still requires manual process to export responses from Google Form to PDF. This manual process still costs time and thus, you will have to do it several times when new submission sent to your Form. In this case, it is always better to have an automation system to generate PDF file automatically for you every time a new submission arrives. On the downside, Google Forms itself do not inherently have an automation feature for PDF generation. Luckily, there are Google Forms add-ons that provides this PDF auto-generation feature like PerformFlow.

In case of PerformFlow, by opening the add-on in your Google Forms, you will have options to generate PDF/document only, or generate & send PDF/document. Choosing either option will lead you to Configuration menu where you can setup auto PDF generation flow:

Here you can set a Google Docs or Sheets file as template for PDF generation, then select a save destination folder in your Google Drive. Once your setup is done, click Save and your auto PDF generation flow is readied (For more details of how to setup PDF generation flow, check out our User Guide).

So now, every time a new submission is sent to your Form, a PDF file and a Google Docs/Sheets file (depending on which file template you setup) will be generated automatically in your chosen Google Drive folder:

If you select generate & send PDF/document mode in the first step above, the Configuration menu will show another section called Recipients. This section allows you to add recipient(s) who will receive PDF or Google Docs/Sheets file depending on your choices:

When you finish your setup, once again click Save and the PDF generation system will be readied. But with generate & send PDF/document mode, the add-on will also automatically send generated PDF file as attachment to your specified recipient(s) via email.

Again for more details on how to add PDF file receivers, please check out our User Guide about sending PDF file to recipients.

And that’s it for now! In the meanwhile, check out our blog for more useful tips and user experiences with PerformFlow!

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