Send PDF/documents to recipients

General Introduction

Select a Mode

Tips to Set Up Your First Workflow

Mode 1: Create Approval Workflow Only

1.1 Add Static & Dynamic Recipients

1.2 Set Multi-level Workflow

1.3 Set Conditions for Recipient

1.4 Add Form Respondent

1.5 Request Response Edit

1.6 Check Tracking Report

1.7 Add & Use Recipient Group

Mode 2 & 3: Generate & Send PDF/document only

2.1 How to generate PDF/document

2.2 Common file template errors

2.3 Send PDF/documents to recipients

2.4 Send PDF/documents to respondents

Mode 4: Combine All Modes

3.1 Combine Modes – Setup File Template

3.2 Combine Modes – Add recipients

Email Settings & Features:

4.1 Options for Sending Final Email

4.2 Enable/Disable Sheets Report on Final Email

4.3 Show File Attachment Link On Emails

4.4 Resend Email to Recipient & Edit Recipient Email

4.5 Customize Email Template

4.6 Dynamic Fields of Custom Email Template

Team Plan:

5.1 Add/Remove Users 

5.2 Share Edit Permission

Additional Features: 

6.1 Set Reminder & Auto Approve/Reject

6.2 Resend All Pending Requests

6.3 Manage Forms in Dashboard

6.4 Unique Request Number

6.5 Approval Link Authentication

6.6 Transfer Forms Data

6.7 Transfer Paid Plan To Other User

6.8 Avoid Automatic Approval/Rejection

6.9 Sign a Request

Quotas & Billing

Refund Policy

Understand how to send generated PDF file & Google documents to your recipients.

Table of Content:

  1. Send PDF/document to static recipients
  2. Send PDF/document to dynamic recipients

For starters, you will need to switch mode to ‘Generate & send document/PDF‘ if you haven’t.

In this mode, you can set up document/PDF generation and add recipients to send them the generated files.

1. Send PDF/document to static recipients

In this guide, we will suppose that you already know how to set up a file template via Document & PDF tab (it is similar to ‘Generate PDF/document‘ mode).

Supposed that you have finished setting up & adding the file template to the add-on, you can go to ‘Recipients‘ tab by selecting Recipients on top of the Configuration menu:

You can also scroll down to the bottom of the menu and click ‘Switch to Recipients’:

In the ‘Recipients’ tab, click ‘Add static email‘ to add a static recipient’s email on the add-on. It will create a blank where you can enter a specific email address:

After that, click ‘Receive PDF‘ to see the drop-down and select which type of file your recipient can receive, including:

  • Receive PDF: meaning the recipient will receive the generated PDF only.
  • Can view document: meaning the recipient will receive the generated Google Docs only.
  • Can edit document: meaning the recipient will receive the generated Google Doc and be able to edit this document directly.
  • Can comment document: meaning the recipient will receive the generated Google Docs and be able to comment on this document.

Finally, click ‘Save.

2. Send PDF/document to dynamic recipients

First, it is highly recommended to create a question in which your respondents can enter their email addresses (or select an email address if it is a multiple-choice question).

This question should be set as Obligatory (*) and it has Response validation as Text and Email address:

Next, click the “Add dynamic recipient” button of the add-on:

Similar to adding static email, a dynamic field will appear above the buttons for you to select the question which asks the respondent to enter/select an email address. In the example above, we have a question called ‘Your Supervisor‘. 

Finally, select which file type this dynamic recipient can receive by choosing an option from the drop-down below the field. These options are similar to the static recipient section:

Finally, click ‘Save‘.

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