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How to add Form Respondent

Learn how to add Form Respondent to your Google Form the easy way.

On the add-on’s “Configuration” menu, scroll down below the recipients list and you will see “Form Respondent” section. Then click on the “Create Form Respondent” button.

After that, the add-on will automatically create a new question called “Respondent’s Email Address” on your Google Form. Also, you will see a new field created on “Form Respondent” section:

On this field, select the newly created question (Respondent’s Email Address). If you do not see the created question on this field, click “Refresh” so that the add-on will update the question list.

You can also edit this created question and change its position, but make sure that it is still set as *Required and its Response validation as “Text” & “Email address”

After editing the question, click “Refresh” so that the add-on will update the question list.

*Note: The respondent will only be able to receive final-status email when the approval workflow ends.

*Tips: You can also let your form respondents approve themselves by adding the question that asks for their email to both Form Respondent section and Recipient List. Check out the video for more details: