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Set Conditions for Recipient

Learn how to set conditions for each recipient in an approval workflow.

In many cases, you may want to set Conditions for a recipient so that he/she will only receive approval email IF the answers in his/her request match the recipient’s conditions. This feature can be extremely helpful in various scenarios since in reality, not everyone in a workflow has the same role.

To set Conditions for a particular recipient, please follow these steps below:

Step 1: Open the add-on’s Configuration menu, and in the Recipient List you will see Conditions text under each recipient

Step 2: Click on Conditions will open a Condition menu where you can start editing conditions for that particular recipient

Step 3: Select either “If All or One of the following condition met”

  • When you choose “All”, it means ALL the conditions below must be met in order for this recipient to receive approval email. 
  • When you choose “One”, it means only ONE among the conditions below must be met in order for the recipient to receive approval email.

Step 4: Click Add condition to create a new condition line

Step 4: Click Add condition to create a new condition line

Step 5: There 3 columns you can use to configure a condition line

  • The 1st column is to select a question from your Form:
  • The 2nd column is to select a function, including 6 “equal to” types and 2 “contains” types
  • The 3rd column is to enter a condition value

In this example, we have a dynamic recipient “Enter your Manager Email”. This dynamic recipient has a condition implying: this recipient only receives approval email IF the Product Price ($) is greater than or equal to $1000.

You can also set up conditional settings based on date. There are two options including “After x day(s)” & “Before x day(s)”. You can enter the number of days before or after the value of date field.

Step 6: When you finish adding conditions, simply click Save & close on this Condition menu, then click Save on the Configuration menu.

And with that, your recipient will now only receive approval email IF the specified condition(s) is met.

*Note: You should NOT set conditions for the final recipient if you are using Multi-level workflow. Currently, the add-on has a small issue that it will stop the request if the final recipient cannot get approval email due to conditions. For this reason, it is highly recommended to make sure you always have a final recipient that can receive email (either “Can approve” or “Get notified only” role works)

That’s it! Enjoy automating approval workflow & generating PDF file at ease with PerformFlow!

For any questions or concerns, please send us email to [email protected].