Custom Email Template

General Introduction

Select a Mode

Tips to Set Up Your First Workflow

Mode 1: Create Approval Workflow Only

1.1 Add Static & Dynamic Recipients

1.2 Set Multi-level Workflow

1.3 Set Conditions for Recipient

1.4 Add Form Respondent

1.5 Request Response Edit

1.6 Check Tracking Report

1.7 Add & Use Recipient Group

Mode 2 & 3: Generate & Send PDF/document only

2.1 How to generate PDF/document

2.2 Common file template errors

2.3 Send PDF/documents to recipients

2.4 Send PDF/documents to respondents

Mode 4: Combine All Modes

3.1 Combine Modes – Setup File Template

3.2 Combine Modes – Add recipients

Email Settings & Features:

4.1 Options for Sending Final Email

4.2 Enable/Disable Sheets Report on Final Email

4.3 Show File Attachment Link On Emails

4.4 Resend Email to Recipient & Edit Recipient Email

4.5 Customize Email Template

4.6 Dynamic Fields of Custom Email Template

Team Plan:

5.1 Add/Remove Users 

5.2 Share Edit Permission

Additional Features: 

6.1 Set Reminder & Auto Approve/Reject

6.2 Resend All Pending Requests

6.3 Manage Forms in Dashboard

6.4 Unique Request Number

6.5 Approval Link Authentication

6.6 Transfer Forms Data

6.7 Transfer Paid Plan To Other User

6.8 Avoid Automatic Approval/Rejection

6.9 Sign a Request

6.10. Tracking Page URL

Quotas & Billing

Refund Policy

Learn how to customize your email templates.

This is now much more convenient and easier for users to customize your own email templates from PerformFlow. With this new feature, you can modify your email subjects and email contents for particular matters, thus saving time and boost your productivity. 

Step 1: Open the add-on’s Configuration menu, scroll down to the “Email Options“, click on “Custom Email Template

Step 2: An Edit Email Template Dialog will open.

There are 2 options for you.

Option 1. Keep default email templates by PerformFlow, which is the email notification designed and sent by our system. 

This default template shall be applied to both email subject and email body.

To choose this default template, click on “Use Default Template” option and click “Save“.

Option 2. Customize your own email subject and email body with “Use Custom Template” option. This feature helps you easily identify particular requests and issues, thus saving time locating your emails.

All dynamic questions placed between << and >> can be modified. 

To choose this customized template, click on “Use Custom Template” option and click “Save“.

Depending the current mode which user is using, the Edit Email Template Dialog will show the number of email templates can be modified accordingly.

For example: In “Create Approval Workflow” mode, there are only 4 templates to be customized.

In “Generate & send document/PDF“, there are only 3 templates relatively.

In “Combine all mode“, there are 10 templates in total can be customized.


Step 2: After choosing “Use Default Template” or “Use Custom Template“, click “Save” and “Close” button if there is no modification further.

Step 3: When Edit Template Dialog closes, click “Save” button in the configuration menu to finish your email customization setup.


Dynamic Field is the information display or button/action that PerformFlow creates automatically in the sending emails in workflow if you insert it. For example, <<Form Response Table>> is the table including questions and answers of submissions PerformFlow creates automatically.

Dynamic Field will be recognized as in marker: << >> 

Please find details in the table below of what can be customized:

<<Request Number>>Request Number
<<Form Name>>Title of Form
<<Respondent Email>>Email address of Form Respondent
<<Form Response Table>>Table including questions and answers of submissions (Email content only)
<<Approval Actions>>Showing 3 buttons: Approve/Reject & Comment, One-click Approve, One-click Reject.
<<Document Button>>Button to open generated document. Label of button changes depend on each role: Can view, can edit, can comment
<<Approval Status>>Approval Status Table of Recipients (Email content only – Apply for Approval Workflow Mode and Combine Mode)
<<Edit Response URL>>Link to modify submission
<<Response Sheet URL>>Link to Response Sheet (Spreadsheet)
<<Request Date>>Submission time
<<Overall Status>>Overall status of request. (Apply for Approval Workflow Mode and Combine Mode)


  • Caps lock or lower case is not distinguished in dynamic field.
    For example: <<Request Number>> and <<request number>> is the same.
  • If there is any dynamic field available, you should keep it default.
    For example: <<Request Number>> or <<Respondent Email>>
  • If you delete any field or enter wrongly the text (adding extra comma, typo, etc), the flow cannot work.
    For example: <<form response table => lack of >>
    Or <<form response  table>> => extra comma

We would highly recommend you copy exactly the dynamic fields in this table in your Edit Email Template Dialog.

Each mode can be inserted with particular dynamic fields but not all fields, you can check it here to insert accurately:

ModeFields That Can Be Applied
Approval Workflow Only

<<Approval Status>>

<<Request Date>>

<<Form Response Table >>

<<Approval Status >>

<<Approval Actions>>

<<Form Name >>

<<Overall Status>>

<<Respondent Email >>

<<Edit Response Url >>

<<Response Sheet Url>>

Generate & Send Document

<<Request Number>>

<<Request Date>>

<<Form Response Table >>

<<Form Name >>

<<Respondent Email >>

<<Edit Response Url >>

<<Document Button>>
(applies only for recipient with “Can view document” permission)

Combine All Modes

<<Request Number>>

<<Request Date>>

<<Form Response Table >>

<<Approval Status>>

<<Approval Actions>>

<<Form Name >>

<<Overall Status>>

<<Respondent Email >>

<<Edit Response Url >>

<<Response Sheet Url>>

<<Document Button>>
(applies only for recipient with “Can view document” permission


This custom email template feature will be available for Individual Plan and Team Plan user only. 

Once your subscription expires and sets to Free Plan automatically, if you don’t want to renew your subscription, these customized email templates shall be kept remained within next 30 days, then they will be deleted from our system and set to default templates. After 30 days, you have to set these email templates from scratch again.


That’s it! Enjoy automating approval workflow & generating PDF file at ease with PerformFlow!

For any questions or concerns, please send us email to [email protected].

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