Refund Policy

General Introduction

Select a Mode

Tips to Set Up Your First Workflow

Mode 1: Create Approval Workflow Only

1.1 Add Static & Dynamic Recipients

1.2 Set Multi-level Workflow

1.3 Set Conditions for Recipient

1.4 Add Form Respondent

1.5 Request Response Edit

1.6 Check Tracking Report

1.7 Add & Use Recipient Group

Mode 2 & 3: Generate & Send PDF/document only

2.1 How to generate PDF/document

2.2 Common file template errors

2.3 Send PDF/documents to recipients

2.4 Send PDF/documents to respondents

Mode 4: Combine All Modes

3.1 Combine Modes – Setup File Template

3.2 Combine Modes – Add recipients

Email Settings & Features:

4.1 Options for Sending Final Email

4.2 Enable/Disable Sheets Report on Final Email

4.3 Show File Attachment Link On Emails

4.4 Resend Email to Recipient & Edit Recipient Email

4.5 Customize Email Template

4.6 Dynamic Fields of Custom Email Template

Team Plan:

5.1 Add/Remove Users 

5.2 Share Edit Permission

Additional Features: 

6.1 Set Reminder & Auto Approve/Reject

6.2 Resend All Pending Requests

6.3 Manage Forms in Dashboard

6.4 Unique Request Number

6.5 Approval Link Authentication

6.6 Transfer Forms Data

6.7 Transfer Paid Plan To Other User

6.8 Avoid Automatic Approval/Rejection

6.9 Sign a Request

Quotas & Billing

Refund Policy

Can I have a refund if I cancel my subscription prior to the date of expiration?

This is one of the most frequent asked questions we have received.

Let’s check below for more details if you have the same query:

1. Full Refund Within First 30 Days:

Within 30 days since the date of success payment, if you send a request for refund to our support email, you will get a 100% refund whether the cause of subscription termination comes from PerformFlow or user.

One thing to note that if you have made a transaction via Credit Card, it may take up to 30 days for the refund to be processed due to PayPal policy.

If you want to send refund request, please email to: [email protected]

2.1 Refund Policy After 30 Days:

After 30 days since the date of success payment, if you send a request for refund to our support email without any proof that such cancellation not due to PerformFlow’s bugs, or stated that such cancellation comes from your willing, you shall not receive any refund from PerformFlow.

2.2 Refund Request Due To PerformFlow’s Bugs After 30 Days:

After 30 days since the date of success payment, if you send a request for refund to our support email with proofs that such cancellation due to PerformFlow’s bugs, including:
  • Description of technical problems when using PerformFlow
  • The related screenshot/video showing such technical problems in specific and details;
You shall receive a partial refund from PerformFlow, with an amount equal to the months you have not used yet.
3. Bonus of extra month subscription:
In case you have bonus of extra month subscription, please be noted that these bonus months shall NOT be considered as remaining quota when upgrading or asking for refund.
That’s it! Thank you for supporting PerformFlow until this day. We’re grateful to have clients like you!
For any questions or concerns, please send us email to [email protected]
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