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How to add Static & Dynamic Recipients

Learn how to add static & dynamic recipients to your workflow.

1. How to add static recipient

To add a static recipient field, click on “Add static email” button:

Next, you will see a new static recipient field created above. Simply enter the recipient’s email address on this created field.

If you do not want a recipient to have approval authorization, select “Get notified only” option for the box below your recipient’s box.

After clicking “Save”, the added recipient will receive approval email when a request is submitted. If the added recipient is designated as “Get notified only”, this recipient will still receive the email but without the ability to approve/reject.

2. How to add dynamic recipient

First, you should first create a question where respondents enter email address on your Google Form (e.g. Your Supervisor). 

The question can either be:

  • Multiple-choice question: which asks respondent to choose one among the listed email addresses.
Multiple-choice question
  • Short-answer question: which asks respondent to enter a valid email address (depending on your workflow).
Short-answer question

Next, click on “Add dynamic recipient” button:

After that, you will see a new dynamic field created above. Simply click on this field and select the question you have created before (e.g. Your Supervisor).

*In case you do not see the created question, click “Refresh” so that the add-on will update the question list.

If you do not want this dynamic recipient to have approval authorization, click on the box below that dynamic recipient and select “Get notified only“.

Finally, click “Save”. When respondent submits a request, the recipient from this dynamic recipient will also receive email when the approval workflow progresses.