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How to set Multi-level Workflow

Learn how to setup multi-level workflow.

1. How multi-level workflow works

“Multi-level workflow” means that when a respondent submits a request, the approval email will be sent subsequently starting from the first recipient.

  • If the first recipient approves: the approval email will be sent to the second recipient on the list, and so on.
  • If the first recipient rejects: the request will be rejected, then a final-status email will be sent to all recipients (and the respondent if added) informing that the request is rejected. This rule also applies for if the first recipient approved, yet later recipient rejects.

2. How to set multi-level workflow

First, go to the add-on’s “Configuration” menu and switch on the “Multi-level Workflow”:

Next, you will see numbered boxes appear on the left side of each recipient field.

Here you can set the order number for each recipient. The numbers will determine who can receive approval email 1st and who receive email later.

*Note: To make sure this feature functions properly, you must set the first recipient as number “1”, then second recipient as number “2”, and so on.

Finally, click “Save” and your multi-level workflow will be activated.