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How to check Tracking Report

Understand how tracking report system works.

1. Google Forms' default spreadsheet report

By default, Google Forms automatically generate a spreadsheet file which auto-updates date when a respondent submits a response:

This spreadsheet is created by Google and it is linked to your Google Form. The sheet “Form Responses 1” contains “Timestamp” (which includes the time when a request is sent), all the questions from Google Forms and each respondent’s answers to those questions:

2. How PerformFlow reports data on the spreadsheet

2.1. Data on "Form Responses" sheet

With PerformFlow activated on your Google Form, the add-on will automatically adds two more columns named “Request #” & “Final Status” on this “Form Responses 1” sheet:

  • Request #“: shows the numbering of a request.
  • Final Status“: shows the final result of a request, including In Progress (meaning the request is still in progress), Approved (meaning the request is finally approved), and Rejected (meaning the request is finally rejected).

These two columns are also updated automatically as the requests progress.

*Note: You should alter or remove any data/column on this sheet since doing those actions may result in report malfunctioning.

2.2. Data on "Detailed Approval Report" sheet

Aside from two new columns on “Form Responses” sheet, the add-on also creates a new sheet called “Detailed Approval Report”:

This sheet automatically updates all the approval data in real-time, including each recipient’s approval status, comment, and approval time. 

The sheet is set protected by default, you as the form owner can remove its protection status. However, it is highly recommended not to alter or remove any cell/column on this sheet since those actions may cause the report malfunctioned.

*Overall, you do not have to do anything regarding the report spreadsheet because everything is automated.

3. How to share report spreadsheet to other recipients

By default, only you as the form owner can see & edit this report spreadsheet. 

If other recipients wish to view the spreadsheet, they have to ask for your permission.

You can also intentionally share this spreadsheet to other recipients by clicking on “Share” button on the spreadsheet. And if you want to allow recipients to view only, simply set those recipients’ authorization to “Can view”.