Check Tracking Report

General Introduction

Select a Mode

Tips to Set Up Your First Workflow

Mode 1: Create Approval Workflow Only

1.1 Add Static & Dynamic Recipients

1.2 Set Multi-level Workflow

1.3 Set Conditions for Recipient

1.4 Add Form Respondent

1.5 Request Response Edit

1.6 Check Tracking Report

1.7 Add & Use Recipient Group

Mode 2 & 3: Generate & Send PDF/document only

2.1 How to generate PDF/document

2.2 Common file template errors

2.3 Send PDF/documents to recipients

2.4 Send PDF/documents to respondents

Mode 4: Combine All Modes

3.1 Combine Modes – Setup File Template

3.2 Combine Modes – Add recipients

Email Settings & Features:

4.1 Options for Sending Final Email

4.2 Enable/Disable Sheets Report on Final Email

4.3 Show File Attachment Link On Emails

4.4 Resend Email to Recipient & Edit Recipient Email

4.5 Customize Email Template

4.6 Dynamic Fields of Custom Email Template

Team Plan:

5.1 Add/Remove Users 

5.2 Share Edit Permission

Additional Features: 

6.1 Set Reminder & Auto Approve/Reject

6.2 Resend All Pending Requests

6.3 Manage Forms in Dashboard

6.4 Unique Request Number

6.5 Approval Link Authentication

6.6 Transfer Forms Data

6.7 Transfer Paid Plan To Other User

6.8 Avoid Automatic Approval/Rejection

6.9 Sign a Request

Quotas & Billing

Refund Policy

Understand how the tracking report system works.

1. Google Forms’ Default Spreadsheet Report

By default, Google Forms automatically generates a spreadsheet file that automatically updates the response timestamp:

This spreadsheet is automatically created by Google, and it is linked to your form. The sheet “Form Responses 1” of the file contains the timestamp and submitted responses:

2. How Performflow Reports Data on the Spreadsheet

2.1. Data on “Form Responses 1” Sheet

With PerformFlow activated on your form, the add-on automatically adds three more columns named Request #Unique Request #, and Final Status to the “Form Responses 1” sheet:

  • Request # shows the numbering of the request.
  • Unique Request # shows the unique numbering of the request.
  • Final Status shows the latest request status, including In Progress, Approved, or Rejected.

*Note: Do not edit this sheet to prevent the add-on from malfunctioning.

2.2. Data on “Detailed Approval Report” Sheet

Aside from three new columns on the “Form Responses 1” sheet, the add-on also creates a new sheet called “Detailed Approval Report”:

This sheet automatically updates all the approval data in real time, including each recipient’s approval status, comment, and approval time. 

The sheet is set protected by default. You, as the form owner, can remove its protection status. However, it is highly recommended not to alter or remove any cell/column on this sheet since those actions may cause the report to malfunction.

*Overall, you do not have to do anything regarding the report spreadsheet because everything is automated.

3. How to Share Report Spreadsheet to Other Recipients

Only you, as the form owner, can see & edit this report spreadsheet by default.

If other recipients wish to view the spreadsheet, they must ask for your permission.

You can also intentionally share this spreadsheet with other recipients by clicking on the “Share” button on the spreadsheet. And if you want to allow recipients to view only, set those recipients’ authorization to “Can view.”

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