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Learn how to use Manage Forms.

1. Access Manage Forms

Step 1: To get the latest experience with Manage Forms, please click here: Manage Forms or from the Log In page on our homepage, click on “Manage Forms” as below:

*Note: The form name will be displayed under the Form Title, not the Google Drive Form Name as previously in order to reduce the amount of time loading data. If there are forms displayed as “Untitled form”, click here to know how to set the Form Title.

Step 2: In this Manage Dashboard, users can know the latest form submission shown by Last used time, and how many responses are available in each form, including their status: In Progress, Info Requested, Approved, Rejected.

Step 3: Actions supports users to track all Requests submitted of such Form, open Form, open Spreadsheet or Deactivate Form.

To access the Requests Management Dashboard, users can directly click on the form, or click on Actions button, then choose Track Requests.

Step 4: In this Request Dashboard, the default filter will be All Overall Status, and it is sorted by Request Number order, from the latest to the oldest. 

Step 5: Click on a request, users can track the list of recipients which are grouped by each step, and the status/comment of each recipient.

There will be actions: 

  • Resend – allows users to resend missed emails which were not received by the recipients.
  • Edit – allows users to edit recipient emails. 
 In addition, with finished requests, Resend final email button will be used in case users want to resend final email to recipients or form respondent (which depends also on the targeted receivers set up in the add-on configuration).

2. Updates on UI and UX

To provide our users’ the most ultimate experiences with PerformFlow, our development team has just release an update on UI&UX, with the neat interface and highlighted labels for clearer contents.

Mode selection is minimalized
Buttons for adding static emails and dynamic recipients are highlighted.
Easier to access Dashboard on Menu bar
Description for functional buttons