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How to enable Request Response Edit

Learn how to allow recipient to request respondents edit their response.

If you have not created Form Respondent field yet, go to add-on’s “Approval Workflow” menu and click on “Create Form Respondent” button to create one. 

Next, simply switch on “Enable Edit after submit” above form respondent field:

Afterwards, when a respondent submits a request, the recipient can ask for a response edit by clicking on “Approve/Reject & Comment” button on the approval email:

Clicking on the button will open PerformFlow website. Here you can give comment and click on “Request Information” to ask respondent to edit their response.

Respondents will receive a new email requesting them to edit their response. And after editing the response, they can submit the request once again.

*Note: By asking respondents to edit their response, the respondents will have to edit their response and submit their request again. As the result, this respondent’s request will be reset (meaning it will be sent to the first recipient).